Over 80 quests

Tons of content

We focus our efforts on content and have more quests than you may be used to on a private server.

Great uptime

Dedicated server hosting

Our server is located in the USA. We have an excellent record of uptime and updates are often under 5 minutes.

An xp rate of 2.25x

A little less grind

While you will progress a little faster, nothing here is free. Enjoy a good economy, with no Grand Exchange!

Frequent updates

=October 5th, 2017
-Restored old pre-leashing mob behavior
(Thanks for all the reports)

=October 1st, 2017
-Fixed a bug with getting stuck on the Wildy agility gate
-Fixed a few NPC death animations
-Fixed a few issues with Prince Ali Rescue
-No longer get inventory full messages mining pess

=September 22nd, 2017=
-All dragons besides Mithril now susceptible to poison
-All Tzhaar / Fight Cave NPCs susceptible to poison
-Mithril Dragons now susceptible to Smoke spell poison
-Fixed poison damaging on application, not being
able to re-apply poison and poison ticking too slowly
-Fixed diamond bolts (e) special, was causing damage
boost for regular attacks (Ice barrage and etc.)
-Fixed potion drinking messages
-Fixed skull sceptre pieces eating each other on use
-Fixed a bug with hiding colors in CC messages
-Fixed not being able to Gmaul spec after a swap
-Fixed having to logout to advance Tutorial Island

=September 18th, 2017=
-Updated the appearance of the Ectoplasm pool and some
key animations involved with using it
-Crossbow stall in Keldagrim is now thieveable
-Fixed a bug with repairing Crystal equipment
-Fixed some issues with Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup
-Fixed Ectofuntus worship counts not saving
-Fixed some of the camera issues in the Abyss
-Fixed a bug with disappearing pets after server update
-Fixed not being able to yell or use CC during Agility
-Fixed certain interfaces not refreshing unless you moved
-Fixed Waterfall Quest chalice room floor not raising

=September 14th, 2017=
-Fixed saplings disappearing in bank after growth
-Fixed Peer the Seer banking displaying incorrectly
-Big bass/swordfish/sharks are able to be cooked
into normal bass/swordfish/sharks now
-Fixed another Runecrafting pouch issue

=September 9th, 2017 Hotfix=
-Fixed Runecrafting pouches
-Fixed Sheep Herder sheep continuing to disappear

=September 9th, 2017=
-Added proper magic attacks to TzHaar-Mej
-Added the "call for help" mechanic to TzHaar-Mej/Hur
-Fixed Agility Pyramid having broken obstacles
-Fixed an un-ending dialogue bug in Death Plateau
-Fixed Belladonna not giving 3 nightshade when harvested
-Fixed Bittercaps having a backwards harvest sequence
-Fixed Sir Tiffy Cashien's model
-Fixed a bug with Sheep Herder that prevented progress
-Fixed inventory tab not appearing after Tears of Guthix
-Fixed pouches / tree seedlings being fixed / replaced in
your bank incorrectly
-Fixed getting a new kitten after your cat is overgrown
-Fixed Binding Necklace not using last charge and changed
the destroy message to pierce filter
-Fixed Knight/Paladin/Hero responses to thieving stalls
-Fixed rune pouches only being able to store Pure essence
-Reverted herbs to "Unids" appearance
-Populated the Chaos Altar area with proper spawns

=August 29th, 2017=
Sheep Herder
-Fixed a bug with the High Priest in DT
-Fixed the disappearing bone boiler in Rag &
Bone Man
-Fixed the skin paste bug in Prince Ali Rescue
-Fixed food/pot timers to allow for Karambwan
-Fixed some Tai Bwo Wannai Trio dialogue bugs

=August 25th, 2017=
-Fixed a few issues with Agility Pyramid
-Fixed Quest Hall building in a fixed rotation
-Fixed rug spot in Chapel showing in non-build
-Reduced the Wildy obelisks teleport area
-Servants no longer walk through dungeon walls
-Wizards' Guild now sells Law runes
-Fixed the weight check for balloons including
required logs

=August 22nd, 2017=
Agility Pyramid
-Fixed Wanted! bugs
-Fixed a door in Dragon Slayer disappearing
-Fixed the armor stand charging strange amounts
-Fixed White Wolf Mountain not being a mine cart
destination after the appropriate quests

=August 17th, 2017=
Devious Minds
-Changed Barrows degrading to be time based
-Can now use items on Bob/Squire to repair
-Can now use armor stand to repair Barrows
For older patchnotes, read the wiki

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