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We focus our efforts on content and have more quests than you may be used to on a private server.

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Our server is located in the USA. We have an excellent record of uptime and updates are often under 5 minutes.

An xp rate of 2.25x

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While you will progress a little faster, nothing here is free. Enjoy a good economy, with no Grand Exchange!

Frequent updates

=May 16th, 2017=
-Inoculation brace now working
-Cannons no longer can degrade an equipped weapon
-Fixed a bug with Ectofuntus bonemeal
-Enchanting in MTA now returns you to spell tab
-Fixed a lot of issues with stall thieving
-Sheepdog in Falador farm can be fed
-Fixed the bug with gates and doors
-Fixed a few bugs with Retribution
-Spicy stews can now boost Construction level

=May 12th, 2017=
-Fixed a bug with Gravedigger random
-Spirit tree dialogue and destinations corrected
-Poisoned dragon darts now have correct stats
-Fixed getting stuck in Agility obstacles

=April 23rd, 2017=
Removed Easter Event

=April 16th, 2017=
Easter Event south of Falador
-Fixed crystal balls in POH not changing some
-Fixed tea creation / pouring in POH
-Fixed a bug with Brimhaven Dung. stepping stones
-Removed the Arzinian Mine time limit post-quest

=April 12th, 2017 BugFix=
-Fixed bug in POH Costume Room where the player
was unable to withdraw items
-Fixed bug in Between a Rock which required
the player to have exactly 3 gold bars to smith
a gold helmet

=April 8th, 2017=
Between a Rock...
-Added a kill log/counter for Slayer monsters
-KBD walk and attack range increased (corrected)
-Fixed inability to attack during combat movement
-Fixed the oak cape rack
-Fixed marionettes
-Fixed the input delay after Runecraft teleports
-Fixed being not being able to regain Hazeel's Mark

=March 31st, 2017 Hotfix=
-Ape Atoll agility course corrected
-Cannon now disabled in KBD/KQ lairs

=March 29th, 2017=
-Fremennik Trials fixes
-Black brutal arrows now function correctly
-Untradables now alchable
-Heraldic helms/shields given stats/weight
-Shadow Barrage rune cost fixed
-Saplings now tradable

=February 7th, 2017=
-Fixed right-click buy option at Sawmill
-Fixed a bug with noting leaf-bladed spears
-Fixed a bunch of bowl foods not returning the bowl
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't regain the Maze Key
-Can now empty compost potions
-Can no longer kill doggos and other pets w/ cannon

=January 18th, 2017=
-Fixed a bug where a lot of Con items would turn
into a different item when noting/un-noting
-Fixed diseased flowers not being curable
-Telegrab will no longer try to path you to the item
-Fixed Heraldic rune/steel items not having stats
-Fixed sawmill buy-X
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't buy certain crests
-Fixed Spiny helmet not having a Defence requirement
-Dining room benches now remove independently
-Fixed a bug with the monkey corpse in MM
-Fixed an object resolve bug in Fancy Gardens
-Pets no longer get btfo when entering a house

=January 10th, 2017 Hotfix=
-Overhauled a lot of code pertaining to POH region
loading. This means a lot of objects resolving into
things they shouldn't should be fixed (doors, walls,
-Fixed a bug with Gertrude's Cat

=January 9th, 2017 Hotfix=
-Fixed a longstanding bug where trees/ores would not
reappear until re-log.
-Fixed rune cases in POH
-Tears of Guthix now awards Construction XP
-Ranges / fire pits now working in POH
-Fountains in POH gardens can be used as a water source
-Wintumber tree bugs fixed
-Farming exp now awarded for planting garden POH items

=January 8th, 2017 Hotfix=
-Fixed a bug preventing removal of dungeon rooms
-Fixed some room objects teleporting you after building
-Fixed your servant getting bricked when serving drinks
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